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What is Wheelie?

Wheelie is a community orientated search engine that helps you fix, build, research & sell your wheels. We are passionate motor lovers and welcome you to join the clan, tell some stories, share your wheels and have some fun!

Fix Or Build Your Ride 👨‍🔧

Use Wheelie's search alrorithym to find documentation and videos that give you the power to fix or build your next vehicle project. We make it as simple as possible to either request help from the community or search and find the info you need to get the job done. If it aint in the search results - its an opportunity to request someone to upload it.

Hunt, Swap & Sell! 💰

Got a project or set of wheels you want to flip? All good man, Wheelie is the perfect place to chuck it up! We have thousands of members that you can either swap with or sell too. It's up to you!

Flaunt Them Like Hell 🍻

Just finished that killer project? Share your learnings and let fellow members catch a glimpse of your special ride.... that's the whole point ain't it?

Hang With Your Tribe 🎸

Crack a beer with ya mates... learn, share rides, have a laugh and indulge in what you love most, "wheels"!

Wheelie For Good! ✊

Wheelie is not in this for money, fame or fortune. We are in this for you, the people. Weather you are a passionate motor lover or a normal person trying to get a job done, we are in the business of spreading the love, helping those who need help while making sure your wheels get fixed.